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Digital Distribution

We distribute your music in more than 150 countries and on more than 50 online platforms, including the world’s most popular: Spotify, iTunes / Apple Music, YouTube, Facebook / Instagram, Amazon, Deezer, TikTok and many more.
A professional team at your service exclusively focused on spreading your music production online.

Digital Music Distribution - Digitalization vs. Production for the internet

Digitalization vs. Production for the internet

Whether your music works have been previously released or you’re planning your next release, KZoo Music makes sure that everything is ready for its online sale.

Don’t limit yourself to merely digitalizing old cassettes, CDs or vinyl records. Let us help you create fully optimized productions designed specifically for the digital world.

Keep in mind that the correct adaptation of your audios, videos, covers and metadata can be decisive for the distribution and sale of your works. So… be digital my friend!

Assigning ISRC and UPC Codes

You’ll need at least two types of codes to sell your music works online:

  • The UPC or Universal Product Code, also commonly called a “bar code”, is a 12-digit numeric code that uniquely identifies your productions throughout the online distribution and sale process. It is associated with the container of your works as a whole: long plays, albums, EPs, etc.
  • The ISRC or International Standard Recording Code is a 12-character alpha-numeric code created by the music industry that identifies your audio and video recordings. It is assigned to individual works or content: songs, video clips, spoken audio tracks, etc.

KZoo Music provides both types of codes at no cost for simply contracting our digital distribution service.

Digital Music Distribution - ISRC and UPC Codes
Digital Music Distribution - Multiplatform

Multiplatform Digital Distribution

Because of the increase of the online world, we provide you the maximum exposure on all the platforms, devices, services. Also through different access levels in a single, end-to-end service. Thus, depending on the:

  • Device: your music will be accessible from desktops, laptops, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, etc.
  • Content: you can receive revenue from both audio platforms like iTunes, Spotify and Amazon, as well as video platforms like YouTube, VEVO, Dailymotion, etc.
  • Service: these can be “subscription” or “a la carte”, depending on whether the costumer pays a periodic fee to access music or makes an occasional use.
  • Access: your works will be available as downloads or be playable from the cloud through streaming services.

Your music ready for twenty-first century listeners in two weeks or less!

Monetization of YouTube Videos and Channels

You can now get most out of all your audiovisual content if you plan to make a new video clip or even if you already have your own YouTube channel. To get it, we’ll activate the YouTube payment program on your behalf with very special conditions in order to turn your videos directly into an extra revenue stream for your activity or project. So that, through our program you’ll earn:

  • Increased revenue for your views: thanks to our exclusive agreements with leading global technology partners you’ll receive exceptional economic conditions.
  • Better protection of your rights: if you find your content uploaded to YouTube by third parties without your permission or consent, we offer you our full legal support to ensure it is removed in less than 24 hours.
  • Maximum spreading of your videos: the goal of any video, musical or otherwise, is to get the widest possible online reach, and we help you get it through the optimum programming of your channel and our cross-promotions with other “friend” channels.

Don’t miss out on any of our payment program advantages and become a professional youtuber!

Digital Music Distribution - Monetization of Youtube Channel
Digital Music Distribution - Sales Reporting

Sales Reporting

We provide reliable and regular sales updates that you’ll be able to check online through your own user dashboard with the utmost transparency and precision. Above all, you can control your reports.

In addition, our highly detailed reports make it easy for you to track your activity across different categories or criteria, such as sales by country, platforms, periods, albums, songs, videos, etc.

In conclusion, our promotional team no longer has an excuse! Bring you and your team up to speed with the new global music market!

Additional Services

You’ll benefit from a range of additional benefits as well simply by contracting our digital music distribution service:

  • Retail marketing: if your release is backed by a marketing campaign or a tour, give us all the details and we’ll become part of your marketing team. More information
  • Synchronization rights management: we include your works in our music database for potential synchronizations in films, TV, series, commercials, web background, video games, etc. If your music matches any of the offers we receive, we’ll reach an agreement with you for the best conditions.
  • Performance rights collection: these are those generated when your music is played on the TVs or radios. This can happen at any time, anywhere in the world and KZoo Music will collect the royalties on your behalf.
Digital Music Distribution - Additional Services

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