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 KZoo Music was formally constituted in 2009, however its activity origin goes back to 2004, when it began to operate under the trademark K Digital, owned by the now-defunct music production company K Industria Cultural, and converted today into a group of companies of reference in the independent music industry.

The business activity starts in 2004 as a result of an agreement for exclusive territorial representation in Spain, Portugal and Andorra between K Industria and the North American company The Orchard (Orchard Enterprises NY, Inc.), a global leader in digital distribution.

This agreement was established as the result of the company’s (especially that of its director Enric Pedascoll) ongoing interest in developing and bringing to market new services and business opportunities at a time when music sales in physical format was showing clear signs of a global decline.

The collaboration between K Industria and The Orchard under the formula of territorial representation lasted over four years until early 2008, during which time they signed over 100 agreements with major artists and independent record labels nationwide.

The company’s music content digital distribution for independent companies in Spain was thus launched in 2004, a service previously unavailable in the country. These origins make KZoo Music, as well as its partners and predecessors, pioneers in digital music distribution.

Still under the name of K Digital, in 2008 the company continued to generate significant income from their relationship with The Orchard. However, from this year on the companies began to operate from separate offices and under a new distributor-content provider agreement. This updated scenario provided new and invaluable opportunities for the development of new services and business areas.

Andrés Campos, head of operations and product manager for the two previous years, began to spearhead this development this same year as the new service manager, kicking off a new era for the company.

Finally, in January 2009, KZoo Music, S.L. was launched as a result of a continuous readjustment process. It is created with the firm intention of providing high added value in the distribution chain of online music and with a clear and fresh focus: service quality, highly personalized service and an eye towards social media separates KZoo Music from the crowd.

Under these precepts and after strong growth for the following three years, Enric Pedascoll and Andrés Campos decided to strengthen their mutual commitment to the company in May 2012, becoming equal partners and managers. At that year’s end KZoo Music reached the greatest company earnings to date.

In 2013, the company ended the year with 50% higher profits than the previous year.

In 2014, KZoo Music revamped its logo and corporate image. Important trade agreements are also closed with several B2B services.

In 2015, KZoo Music presented its new website and invested in new technological developments that have resulted in important company developments in management and marketing.

In 2016, KZoo Music launched its online panel to provide artists and labels with a better to access to their sales activity. It is also started up a new and innovative department of online marketing.

In this way at present, KZoo Music continues being a reference company in digital music distribution in Spain, with unparalleled experience.