More than digital distribution and online marketing. Welcome to the Digital Music Management!
The solution already used by hundreds of artists, record labels and managers.

Technology and distribution network

At KZoo Music we provide an extensive network of our own agreements established with final digital download and streaming services, as well as distribution agreements with leading global companies and also agreements with companies of complementary services that provide even greater value to the digital distribution chain, such as anti-piracy, inclusion in music databases, social networking applications and much more.

Our facilities and equipment have the highest capacity and data transfer speed via fiber optics for the digitalization, processing and uploading of data online, which means your music or catalogues reach your audience without delay.

In terms of storage and security, KZoo Music also boasts the most advanced technologies to ensure the optimal protection of your data.

Whether you’re an artist, record label, manager or other rights holder, KZoo Music puts a cutting-edge, premium digital distribution network at your fingertips.