More than digital distribution and online marketing. Welcome to the Digital Music Management!
The solution already used by hundreds of artists, record labels and managers.

Who we are

KZoo Music is a pioneering company in digitalization services, digital music and video distribution and online marketing services specialized in musicians, record labels and artist managers. We are based in Barcelona, Spain.

Despite being founded in 2009, the company has over 10 years of experience in digital music distribution –through our former trademark K Digital-, and also over 30 years in the music industry inherited from our predecessor, K Industria, and from our founders experience.

Our solid activity is further supported by, among others, our consolidated business activity with leading companies in the Spanish independent music industry, such as T-Sunami, which physically distributes CD, DVD, books and merchandise; Satélite K, a record label; and Autoeditarte, another pioneering company in self-production services for artists, musicians and groups.

Our goal is to provide maximum value for your artistic career, activity, project or business, by offering:

Personalized and tailored service:

We adapt to your needs to become your digital agent or sales department. Furthermore, at KZoo Music you’ll always be in contact with real, approachable people.

Optimal spreading for your music

Thanks to our experience in the sector and the quality of our business agreements, we provide you with the greatest market coverage in digital distribution, sale and marketing services.

A strong commitment to your economy

Because developing your activity can be an arduous task, the transparency and timeliness of our sales reports and payments is a fundamental pillar of our service.

For all this and more, KZoo Music is the first company in offering a service beyond digital distribution and online marketing. Welcome to the world of Digital Music Management!