Why KZoo Music?

KZoo Music is an independent company, the first in Spain to develop and provide online distribution and marketing services, that boasts over 10 years’ experience in the digital sector (under other names as well) and more than 30 years in the music industry overall. We manage a digital music catalogue of more than 150,000 works, represented by more than 200 agents including musicians and artists, labels and record producers, management agencies, etc. We also belong to a group of companies in the music industry, with experience and a global market vision that ensure the quality of our service.

Does KZoo Music work directly with digital platforms?

KZoo Music has agreements with both digital platforms and the world’s leading digital distribution companies and is the only company in its sector that can meet the needs of any rights holder through a full suite of tailored solutions.

On how many platforms can my music be available?

Positioning your music depends on a number of factors, including musical genre, the artists’ relevance and even their language or country of origin. That said, most musical works and genres can be distributed in a minimum of 30 services, including the industry’s biggest players: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, etc.

Can my music be accessed from smartphones, tablets and other devices?

Yes. Your music will also be accessible from any PC or laptop with an internet connection, on downloading and streaming platforms, as well as on a range of devices including smartphones, tablets, video-game consoles, etc.

Do I have to pay more to increase distribution on more platforms and devices?

No. The KZoo Music distribution concept makes your music available on the greatest number of platforms and devices which are, commercially speaking, in line as much as possible with your work at no additional cost to you. The wider our placement on platforms, the more your music is shared and the greater the potential benefit for all parties.

Can I make money with my music videos?

Yes, and not just with your music videos. You can also generate revenue with all types of content, including interviews, performances and special moments with fans or musicians, among other. Ask about our YouTube payment programs and other chances for video distribution (VEVO, iTunes, Dailymotion, etc.).

What distribution margin does KZoo Music apply?

KZoo Music offers 100% customized agreements, according to whether you are a musician or artist, label or record producer, management agency or other rights holder. The general rule is: the higher the quality and quantity of releases, the greater the margin for you and less of a margin for KZoo Music. However, as a guideline, the most common margin that we apply in a standard digital distribution contract is 25% on the gross revenues earned under the services you have contracted.

What are the gross revenues collected by KZoo Music?

In digital distribution, gross revenues are those which, based on a given retail price before taxes, are earned after: 1) deducting the margin for the digital platforms 2) deducting other costs or fees, if any, that third parties may apply and 3) deducting any publishing costs associated with digital sales in certain countries under the acquisition of DPD (Digital Phonorecord Delivery) licenses required for distribution in certain territories, like the USA.

Does KZoo Music apply other costs besides the distribution margin?

In certain distribution agreements, KZoo Music may apply a maximum of two types of costs: 1) for account activation as an administrative and contracting cost and 2) by album, EP or single, for the costs of encoding or digitizing the works.

Moreover, KZoo Music does not charge for file storage on servers, account renewal (annual or otherwise) nor for submitting the tracks to different platforms, or any other extra fees.

What are the account activation costs?

When you contact us for the first time to contract our digital distribution service, we will guide you and provide all the information you need to distribute your music on digital platforms. This information can be of a technical, legal, operational or other nature. We will also tailor and formalize a contract according to the services you contract as well as collect your basic information to include it in our database in order to active your account as part of our service. The costs of account activation are, therefore, all those costs described in this process.

What are encoding and digitizing costs?

At least three elements are necessary and essential to distribute your music on digital platforms: audio, cover and metadata. Given that each platform provides the market its own audio format and covers, and may also have its own rules –stylist or otherwise–regarding metadata or credits to be displayed with the works, it is necessary to carry out an entire encoding and digitizing process, without which the tracks could not be marketed. This process may include but is not necessarily limited to: any manual or automated review, conversion, modification, adaptation and/or any other type of processing activity required for any of the three aforementioned elements, and in order to comply with the various standards and specifications dictated by digital delivery platforms. In relation to this compliance, in fact, the quality controls established by the platforms are now increasingly more numerous and stringent. At KZoo Music we always ensure that the distribution of your work is unhindered by any filters and quality controls and, beyond that, we will always ensure that our processes ensure optimal placement and distribution of your work on the platforms, taking into account how their search engines work as well.

In what format should I provide my audio tracks?

We usually work with WAV (16-bit and 44.100Hz). We also accept Apple Lossless (“.m4a” files), but do not accept any MP3 or similar quality files. Please check with us if you have any doubts.

What are the cover specifications?

The covers must be delivered in JPG format, 1500×1500 pixels, 300dpi resolution and RGB color mode without filters, layers, masks or any compression.

What information should my metadata include?

KZoo Music will provide a template that you should fill out with all the information about your music. The template will include what data you must provide in order to distribute your works on digital platforms; as a general guideline this refers to standard digital industry data, such as: song and album titles, artist and songwriter names, genre, and © information, UPC and ISRC codes, etc.

What are my music’s ℗ and ©?

These two symbols were originally used in United States copyright laws, although they are now used worldwide to provide notice of copyright in a sound recording or phonogram:

– The ℗ or “phono recording symbol” designates the original producer of a sound recording, who is usually the rightful owner of the recording copyright as well, without limiting, on the other hand, the copyrights licenses that can be granted to third parties.

– The © or “copyright symbol” is, in turn, somewhat broader in concept and is not limited to only identifying an owner or producer of sound recordings but, in general, can be used to identify any artistic or literary work. Notwithstanding and in relation to sound recordings, the symbol refers to the owner of the exploitation rights to these recordings.

In both cases the nomenclature commonly used to represent these symbols on a screen or physical format (vinyl, cassette and CD, for example) usually keeps the following structure: the year of production or copyright registration, as appropriate, followed by the name of the company that holds each of these rights. For example: ℗ and © 2016 KZoo Music, S.L.

What are UPC codes?

The UPC or Universal Product Code (also commonly called a “bar code”) is a 12-digit numeric code that uniquely identifies your productions throughout the online distributing and sales process. It is associated with the format or content of your works, for example, full-length albums, EPs, maxi-singles, etc.

What are ISRC codes?

The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) system is a 12-character alpha-numeric code that identifies recorded music and music videos. Each ISRC is a unique identifier associated with the content of your works: songs, video clips, spoken audio tracks, etc.

Can I restrict certain distribution platforms or countries?

Yes, this is technically possible in both cases.

In addition to distribution, does KZoo Music carry out any type of advertising or marketing?

Yes, in many cases. Please check our Marketing section for more information.

How often can I check my sales?

KZoo Music offers sales updates on a monthly basis, although some platforms might provide activity updates on a weekly or even daily basis which you can also check.

How often can I collect my sales or royalties?

At KZoo Music we make quarterly payments on invoices for the amount you have sold in each period.

Is there a minimum threshold to be paid for my sales?

Unless your distribution contract provides otherwise, the minimum threshold at KZoo Music to receive payment for sales is typically €50 (indirect taxes not included).

What payment method does KZoo Music use?

KZoo Music uses bank transfers for rights holders with an EU residence, and bank check for non-EU residents.


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