Estricnina releases their first album: Hemos Visto Cosas Que Harían Vomitar a un Murciélago

Estricnina releases their first album: Hemos Visto Cosas Que Harían Vomitar a un Murciélago
21 Oct 2016

Estricnina is the new project of the unstopppable team created by El Canijo Jerez (former member of Delinqüentes) and Juanito Makandé (former member of Radio Makandé.) Having worked together many times and shared various projects, they now team up to launch the songs from this new band.

A radioactive mixture, full of progressive rock and flamenco, baptized by themselves as “indie flamenco“: a highly toxic and very dangerous poison.

In their own words “Estricnina is a poison whose local application to the ears causes increased excitability followed by synchronized bursts of activity that result in the contraction of various muscles at a time and the stimulation of the cardiac activity. Finally, it produces a release of serotonin, the hormone of happiness“.

For this new adventure Juanito Makandé and El Canijo de Jerez work with the Bao brothers, Anye Bao on the drums and the great Pepe Bao on the bass (O’Funkillo, Raimundo Amador, Barón Rojo, Medina Azahara…)

In Hemos visto cosas que harían vomitar a un murciélago – published under license of Satélite K and KZoo Music in October 21th 2016 – there’s a poison which kills boredom and a new electric sound. El Canijo de Jerez recorded the electric guitars (one of his biggest dreams) and Juanito Makandé experienced with the bass. Estricnina directly feeds from influences such as Pata Negra, Triana and Smash, illustrious bands from when Sevilla was the Spanish Liverpool, althought there are also reminiscences of Pink Floyd and The Meters; Hammond keyboards, flamenco, the 65’s Dylan, Extremoduro, Frank Zappa and Manuel Molina.


Track List

Estricnina - Hemos Visto Cosas Que Harían Vomitar a Un Murciélago1. La serpiente de Dos Cabezas
2. Estricnina
3. Tanguillos del Canuto Imposible
4. Oye Mujer
5. Caños de Meca
6. No Hay Mañanas en el Espacio
7. En el Alma un Remolino
8. Hago lo que puedo
9. Pedaleando
10. Muerdo como un Perro
11. Corazón de Goma
12. Julia María
13. Fin del Viaje

Track by Track

La serpiente de Dos Cabezas

A meandering start introduce us the new music genre that distinguish Estricnina: a flamenco-rock with a catchy guitar riff that leads us to…


This song is basically the statement of Estricnina’s project: “Here we are for draving you crazy, we’re going to show you our fighter fist… Estricnina in a big dose is dangerous for you. It’s a dangerous, intravenous, highly toxic thing…”

This song is catchy reaching unhealthy levels.

Tanguillos del Canuto Imposible

By a change of substances, in Tanguillos del Canuto Imposible there’s a declaration of love, somewhat peculiar, an impossible love story that leads to madness..

Oye Mujer

From one love story to another, in Oye Mujer, Estricnina open their toxic heart through catchy melodies: ” Hey woman, where are the kisses that I missed, hidden in a dark corner, just in case you find me”

Caños de Meca

“I’m not going to Tijuana, neither to New York, I’m going to Caños de la Meca and I want to make love”

After hearing this song there’s not any excuse… we want to go to the beaches of Los Caños de la Meca: “I want to dance under the full Moon, I want to set fire to my trouser, I want to feel how my skin gets burnt and swim till the Sun goes down”

No Hay Mañanas en el Espacio

One more spiritual song that acts as an hymn for making you smile in the worse days, “you have to learn how to walk slowly, you only have one life, you should no waste it”

En el Alma Un Remolino

More intimate, poetic and abstract, open heart and spilled poison: “I’m different, I live because of the kisses that you give me on the quiet”

Hago lo que puedo

Thug soul, with an idea that blurs with catchy rythms worthy of a Far West movie: “I have my batteries charged and I buy albums because of the cover, I’m a free man with no obligations”


An hymn for coming home after a long night in the pubs of Sevilla, another song that encourages us to travel and discover another part of the marvelous Andalucia.

Muerdo como un Perro

Again, the wisdowm of this duet helps us fighting with the force of their verses: “Never stop dreaming, vacillate destiny and sing to faith. Find a shadow in which lie down, sew your pockets and don’t look back. Open your mind and walk, give the evil Estricnina, you will see”

Corazón de Goma

Continuing with a soft heart and accompanied with the wonderful Vinila von Bismark, Estricnina presents a sweet song: “I’ve nothing, this world is messy and I get drunk missing you, and we get tender

Julia María

The story seems like a conexion with En el Alma un Remolino (“Love, you’re so far, Love why do you go?) leads us to the love story outcome: “take my hand and come fly with me”.

Fin del Viaje

And as it’s said in the title, with this song Estricnina bid farewell to this first album, a decadent and not so optimistic song, we can only imagine the end of a cicle, and the start of something new: “Look around, the world goes in another rythm, we live in the line that divides the abism from the higher. You have to learn that you’re not the same”.

Hemos visto cosas que harían vomitar a un murciélago of Estricnina is already available in the main digital platforms: iTunesAmazon  Music and Google Play.


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