Las Migas celebrates its 15th anniversary with ‘Cuatro’

Las Migas celebrates its 15th anniversary with ‘Cuatro’
16 Jul 2019

Las Migas celebrates its 15th anniversary with ‘Cuatro’

Las Migas celebrates its 15th anniversary with ‘Cuatro’ (Satélite K, 2019) their new album that went on sale in april.

With this album the band celebrates its 15 years of history and they celebrated it announcing a tour of more than sixty dates in Latin America and Europe, the first confirmed dates of their international tour.

This album, the result of two years of meticulous preparation, is the fourth of his musical career since this band began to travel the world, 15 years ago. To celebrate this anniversary, they wanted to pay homage to all those who were once Migas, who are Migas today, and who will be one day, with the most beloved songs from their previous albums, and a couple of unreleased songs. This new album returns them to the flamenco sounds of the beginning, and in turn opens a world of new sounds, both with the color of this news sounds, and with the risky production of Sebastián Merlín.

Las Migas

Las Migas have joined the art of their respective lands with the personal contribution of each, creating a wonderful, feminine, magical world, open to the world and with very careful traditions. They present a new show brave, shameless, very flamenco and with new electronic touches, virtuous and cheerful, with a staging that will surprise your audience as always and also those who can hear and see them for the first time. They are CUATRO (four) women musicians, warriors and travelers.

‘La Tarara’, the first single with music video

‘La Tarara’ is the first single from Las Migas’ new album, CUATRO (C) 2019 Satelite K. The new adaptation of this popular song (Reinas del matute, 2010) opens a new world of colors where guitars and violins are mixed with electronic sounds.


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