Lin Cortés releases ‘Indomable’: flamenco, fusion and evolution on her second album

Lin Cortés releases ‘Indomable’: flamenco, fusion and evolution on her second album
16 Jul 2019

Lin Cortés releases ‘Indomable’: flamenco, fusion and evolution on her second album

On May 10 went on sale in stores and digital platforms, “Indomable”, the new album of Lin Cortés. The single, that serves as an advance, is named like the album and is a duet with rapper Dellafuente, one of the greatest exponents of modern urban music. “Indomable”, record and song, are a perfect example of the Lin Cortés label: flamenco, fusion and evolution reflected in great collaborations that contribute to the union of their gypsy roots with a multitude of current styles.

“Indomable” has 10 songs, 8 duets with artists such as Antonio Carmona, Nita (singer of Fuel Fandango), La Shica, Lya, Diego del Morao, Odille Lima and Camilla Fernández.

This is the second album by this artist from Córdoba after his first work, “Gipsy Evolution“, in which he also collaborated with great stars (Raimundo Amador, Estrella Morente, Vicente Amigo, El Pele, Alba Molina, O’Funkillo or María Toledo), and whose success positioned him on the map and served to take a part in Rosalía‘s album, considered by many the best album of 2018.

Lin Cortés

Master of the fusion of styles and spearhead of the new flamenco, Lin Cortés is one of the most respected artists on the national scene. He has collaborated with artists such as Enrique Morente, Vicente Amigo, Raimundo Amador, Rosario Flores and Antonio Carmona and international stars such as Howe Gelb or Buddy Miles, drummer of Jimi Hendrix.

He began his career as a musician and singer as soon as he started to walk. He is the son and grandson of artists and nephew of the cantaor ‘El Pele’, who collaborates on his dazzling first solo album: “Gipsy Evolution”. A disc destined to revolutionize the music scene of the pop planet, in which it mixes Brazilian, flamenco, funk, soul and Rock sounds.

Between “Gipsy Evolution” and ” Indomable ” he published 6 singles available on digital platforms: ‘Granada‘, ‘Amantes’, ‘Michele’, ‘Volar’, ‘La Soledad’ and ‘Amor de Frida’.

In his concerts he perform lysergic versions of their own songs, in a cheeky flirt with the luxury guests who usually appear by magic in their concerts and the incredible band that covers his back.


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